Sunday, April 2, 2017

Simple Animations

This is a simple animation of a bouncing ball I did recently. Obviously, the design I chose was the same as the old school mobile game "Bounce", one of the best games I played as a kid. As I was timing the frames in black and white, this thought popped in my head and I was like "That will be so cool." I know it's not perfect, but it is ok for my first try. Lets hope the next one will be better.

Made using Photoshop, mouse.
Around 1h 30min.
70 Frames in total.
This one was easier to make, since I focused more on the visuals. I painted a simple background and also added a foreground, which was missing on the first one. I didn't pay much attention to the animation itself, but most of the work is done so it will be easy getting back to it. Probably make that a rolling log, or keep it as a ball, but add more elements to it, textures, squashing feel.
About: Photoshop, mouse, around 2h.
54 Frames in total.

Time for something different. This is an old personal piece from 2015 that I decided to add more life to. I have always been inspired by calm, lightened streets at night. Since I'm new at this, three lights and two animated points are too much for me. I hope I do more of these in the future.

About: Photoshop, mouse, around 1h.
16 frames in total.